The View of Izmir

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We flew down from Istanbul to Izmir and this was where we were to collect our car for the rest of this trip. However, we had 24 hours to take a look around first and discovered a very relaxed, laid back city, in total contrast to Istanbul. I admit I found it quite hard to capture this city, though it has several vantage points from which to admire the view out across the city and Gulf of Izmir, including the Asansor Tower [elevator] and the Kadifekale castle ruins.  We had read that it is probably the most westernized city in Turkey and that was certainly the feeling we got. However, walking down the narrow shopping streets close to our hotel, the full Turkish charm was there in abundance and I am not even going to mention our discussion with the fish shop and locals about what a Kalkan is! Suffice to say this brief stop by Izmir will stay with us, plenty of memories and I have no doubt we will be going back again soon.

Some of these photos are from my phone, so apologies for the lower than usual quality.



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