Selçuk – Market, Mosque, Mmmmm and Music

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We packed a LOT into our one day and two nights in Selçuk and I need to explain the day or the photos will make no sense. As well as visiting Ephesus, the town was in full party mode as we had arrived on Camel festival weekend. Sadly we never actually saw a camel – well not a live one anyway, plenty of camel meat sausages. The camels are out at the wrestling arena near Kuşadası and that was just a bit too far out for us this time with everything else we wanted to do.

So, having popped into the Efes Museum, we headed across the road to the market, probably one of the the biggest street markets I have seen in Turkey so far. How the locals choose which stall to buy their groceries from I will never know, but every stall of fresh fruit and veg looked tempting. We walked around just soaking up the atmosphere and really enjoying being in a proper market, certainly at this time of the year, virtually all Turkish, barely a tourist in sight [we saw no mirrors]

After coffee it was quick hike up the hill back to our hotel, stopping at the local mosque enroute. A beautiful peaceful place, still operating as the local mosque but also happy to let tourists have a look inside as long as you are respectful of course.

The afternoon was given over to Ephesus, which you can see in a different post, but before that and on the high recommendation of our hotel owner, we drove to the Seven Sleepers grotto first. He was right, it wasn’t much to look at but nice enough, but his real reason for sending us there was the gözleme cafes next to it. He told us it was where the locals ate, whether true or not, it was certainly worth the stop. Very typical, off the beaten path places, a bit run down looking from the outside, but inside… well.. log burner, comfort, shoes off, Turkish coffee, gözleme to die for… we really didn’t want to move. We were warm, snuggly and well fed and it was cold outside!

However move we did, and our day continued. I the evening after Ephesus we went straight back down in to town, determined to find where the music we could hear was coming from. Find it we did, several groups of musicians thumping out Turkish music around the town square and cafes, lots of noise and the general hubbub of men enjoying themselves. The perfect end to a very busy day.


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