Kalkan Time

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Whilst we have visited many places in Turkey, have many we still want to see and quite a lot we want to go back to – our hearts remain firmly in the small but perfectly formed town of Kalkan. A trading port [thanks Martyn] originally, Kalkan is a beautiful little harbour town about 45mins east of Fethiye, popular with British tourists wanting something a little more tranquil than the bigger, more well known holiday destinations. This is a mix of photos from several trips and from the camera and phone.

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  1. Take me back….take me back right now!!!

  2. Love the photos. We are going to Kalkan in May to celebrate our daughters 50th birthday. We are so looking forward to it. We have been to Turkey 3 times before … Bitez … Marmaris …& Side…. loved every one & the turkish people 🙂

  3. Jude Bullers

    We have been to Kalkan more than a dozen times as you come over the top of the hill and see the town and harbour laid out below we instantly relax. The weather, the restaurants, the views are fantastic but it’s the people of Kalkan that make it truly stunning.

  4. Awesome holiday destination been 29 times so that shows how special Kalkan is. Once you have been be warned you will have to return!!!! Love it going for 30 th visit later this year

  5. Can’t wait to return, over and over…………

    When were these photos from, it seems remarkably quiet.

    Beautiful ” birthday bay”

    • Hi Lynne

      These are a mix from different times, From May last year to January this year, so some will seem quiet because it as, others because I waited for the right moment.

  6. Point of order: Kalkan never actually was a “fishing village” but a trading port… hence the pink Custom House. But that’s just me being an anorak 😉 Lovely photos of a lovely place 🙂

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