Ephesus – Efes

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Ephesus, known in Turkish as Efes, was originally built around the 10th century BC by Greek colonists, before being taken over by the Romans in 129 BC. A major port city in it’s time, with some 56000 people living there during the Roman period, it declined when the area became silted up and the sea retreated and was pretty much abandoned some time around the 5th or 6th century AD.

The place oozes history, so of course this pair of old relics had to pay a visit. It’s Greek and Roman history is evident everywhere, and if you get bored of looking at old stones, there is always the colony of well fed cats to talk to and act as your guides.

Just as an aside, if you are visiting Ephesus, it is worth calling into the museum in Selçuk too where many artefacts found at the site can be seen. The old city is built on a hill, so it is also worth parking at the bottom carpark and grabbing a taxi up to the top so you can walk down hill. Just a couple of top tips for you.

Anyway, on with the photos, as always, click the thumbnails for larger versions.

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