Kekova and the Sunken City

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About 45 mins drive from Kalkan is a beautiful area just generally known as Kekova. This was the place I stayed overnight on my first trip to Turkey and having arrived after nightfall, awoke to the most beautiful sight I think I have opened my bedroom window to [apart from the later one from my bedroom at the villa overlooking Kalkan bay]

The whole area is known as Kekova, though the name comes from the actual island just off the shore, where the ruins of an ancient sunken city can be seen, previously called Dolchiste. There are also 2 small marina/fishing villages and scenery you can just get lost in forever. You have umpteen choices for how to get out and around the island and inlets to see the various ruins, from kayak trips up to full size gulets. When you have finished your life on the sea, there are several lovely harbourside restaurants to eat wonderful turkish food, freshly caught fish and while away the evening. Then head home or stay in one of the local small hotels for the night and enjoy the wonderful peace and quiet early the next morning, as the village slowly comes to life.

Since that first night, it is rare a trip to Turkey doesn’t include a day at Kekova, probably my second favourite place in the world after Kalkan. I will let the photos explain more, they tell it far better than I can.


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