A Little Turkish Monochrome

I am the first to admit that Turkey is a country of colour, a country where all the detail, textures and life is about colour. However, you know what photographers are like, we can’t resist harking back to our film days and seeing things through a monochrome eye. Seeing textures and subtleties which colour can drown out.

This collection has been taken from photos across 4 trips in 9 months – from Istanbul in the north to Kalkan in the south, along the Turquoise Coast from Alanya to Fethiye and even up in Alaçatı on the west coast. It is my nature that many of them include people, though by no means all, and some are even taken with my phone, though most are the Nikon. Enjoy a slightly different take on Turkey and as always, click to see the photos at bigger size.

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